Melissa Moseley Photography

Selected Feature Films

What To Expect When You're Expecting
Real Steel
Inception * (Los Angeles, Calgary Units)
A Single Man
Drag Me To Hell
Yes Man
Mad Money
You, Me & Dupree
The Break-Up
Rumor Has It
Spiderman 2
The Notebook
Suspect Zero
The Mothman Prophecies
Mulholland Dr.
The Gift
High Fidelity
Being John Malkovich
A Simple Plan
She’s So Lovely*
The River Wild
Cruel Intentions
The Little Rascals
A Smile Like Yours
Hard Target
Army of Darkness

*Shared Credit
Additional Feature Work

John Carter of Mars- Additional photography- Los Angeles
Captain America- Additional photography- Los Angeles
Transformers 3- Cape Canaveral, Washington DC & Houston Units
Eagle Eye- Last wek of principle phoography
Wild Child- Los Angeles Unit
3:10 to Yuma-Los Angeles Unit
Room 10-A Short for Film Aid Int’l.
Little Man-Los Angeles Unit
Murder by Numbers
Mission Impossible 2-Visual Effects Unit
Batman And Robin-Visual Effects Unit
Independence Day
Internal Affairs

Streaming- Netflix, HBO, Showtime

Grace and Frankie- Season 1
 Netflix Original Series
Grace and Frankie- Season 2
Grace and Frankie -Season 3
Grace and Frankie- Season 4

The Newsroom- Season 1- HBO Original Series 
The Newsroom- Season 2
The Newsroom- Season 3
Mary and Martha- HBO FIlms- North Carolina Unit
Five- Showtime FIlms
Normal- HBO FIlms


 Additional Credits Available Upon Request